Thursday, February 2, 2017

These Old Walkin' Shoes: All You Need is Love

Some of you may have been wondering, “What’s going on with Bacon?” Yes, I have been fairly lax in posting new material since the first of the year, but soon that will be changing. I hope it will, anyway. As I’ve stated before, I go through moments of writing block. This may be one of those times, or it may be something different.

I do not have writer’s block.

“So, what have you been doing?”

I’ve actually been doing a lot of writing. I’ve had a couple new ideas for novels that I’ve outlined in preparation for new projects once the ones I’m working on are completed. There always is some kind of writing going on in this house. Even the girls all try their hands at being authors. They’ve tried writing plays and books.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading, too. I’ve been reading for enjoyment rather than try to analyze the book at the same time. That’s why there haven’t been any new book reviews lately. There are some books that deserve to be reviewed, and they will be. But it has been a relief to simply sit down a read a book for pure enjoyment.

With George starting to write a little again, it does take a little of the pressure off me to keep the website full of content. And if we can get Howie on a semi-regular schedule, we’d be much better off. Maybe some other writers who are looking for some exposure would be willing to write for us?

The last 5 books that I’ve read:

  1. The Obsidian Chamber -- Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs
  2. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children -- Ransom Riggs
  3. The Year of Voting Dangerously -- Maureen Dowd
  4. Speaking American -- John Katz
  5. Red Right Hand -- Chris Holm

Two of these books will be reviewed fairly soon on Niagara’s Watercooler. If I were a betting man, I would guess #2 and #4 will be featured on the website, probably starting Tuesday. Speaking American was remarkably interesting even though it wasn’t very long. It really was a lot of fun. The review should be just as fun.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to bring more levity to the website. There is far too much miserableness right now to keep continuing it. And sure, I’m guilty of it too. So, this is me trying to shuck the misery and embracing the fun.

In another random list, here’s the last 5 albums I’ve listened to:
  1. Grateful Dead -- Dave’s Picks 21 (4-2-1973)
  2. Tedeschi-Trucks Band -- Let Me Get By
  3. Joe Cocker -- Mad Dogs & Englishmen
  4. Phish -- Live Downloads 12-31-2016
  5. Eric Clapton -- Crossroads Revisited

While all this is going on, I am having fun with a new workout. I have been doing Core De Force, which is an MMA-based program. I love it. It is a lot of fun to do, and I am killing it. On the plus side, I also and getting into some better shape -- other than round.

Until next time, I hope you all have a little fun this week. Smile. Smile a lot. Smile often. And laugh. Listen to some good music. Read a great book. Read a great blog (hint-hint).

Craig Bacon is listening to all the music in his head. That jukebox has many eclectic interests in music. You never know what song is going to pop out.