Friday, February 15, 2019

Shenanigans Episode 67: The Goop That Laid the Jaded Egg

This week we start off with a little local baseball history that Craig thought George would find interesting. He didn't until after the show. Instead we end up on a long talk about sports, much to Rich's chagrin. So, we talk about movies, where Howie is the king. Coming soon to Netflix: Goop. We can't believe it either. And since it was just Valentine's Day, we discuss some special gifts you could get for your loved ones.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Literally the Best Reviews: Lies

Lies - T.M. Logan
St. Martin’s Press
432 Pages

We live in a world where most movies, despite being called “live action,” are a mixture of real people and computer generated reality. And there seems to be a lot more of the computer generated world than real world lately. With our lives being controlled by all our electronic devices, our hold on reality seems to be slipping more and more. In Lies, author T.M. Logan explores the perception of reality and its fragility.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Painful Twitching and No Answers

Let me be clear from the start, this article may be nothing more than a vent-session for my brain.  I’m hoping that it will be therapeutic for me. If my editor doesn’t think it will help others then it will probably never leave this file. But I’m hopeful that it will be helpful, for me at least.  

I began dealing with this strange medical nonsense in February of 2015. We had gone to a local U18 hockey game (we love hockey) and had just gotten home to warm up and rest for the evening. I was sitting in the corner of our dimly lit living room the kids were snuggled on the couch and the TV was on. Seemingly out of nowhere, my body began to ache all over. Every joint was on fire. It hurt to even wiggle my toes! I went to bed that night with tears trickling down my cheeks, afraid to move.