Monday, September 24, 2018

Muddied Roots: The Civil War Saga of Uriah T. Applin

Uriah Thomas Applin was born May 8, 1820 in Vermont. He was my great-great-great grandfather. Not much is known of his family. All I know is that his mother was Rebecca Capron, according to Civil War records for the Town of Carlton. His father is still unknown to me, although there is much supposition as to his paternal heritage. None of it is verified. It’s a brick wall that I hope to one day break down. In the meantime, who was Uriah T. Applin?

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Reminiscing: Some of My Favorite Toys

We all had our favorite toys when we were kids. Some of them stick out in our minds. Some of them we loved so much that we wore them out. Some we remember fondly but we have no idea what happened to them. There has to be a collection of favorite, forgotten toys somewhere, waiting to be rediscovered by old friends. Occasionally, I think of some of those old toys and wonder what happened to them.

PowerHawks Swept in Binghamton Weekend Series

The Niagara Falls PowerHawks were swept by the Binghamton Junior Senators for the second straight weekend, showcasing why Binghamton is one of the top teams in the NA3HL. In Saturday’s contest, the Junior Senators skated away with a 13-3 victory at the Ice House Sports Complex.