Friday, July 19, 2019

Shenanigans Episode 90: Use Bigger Words, Little Man

The foursome is back this week, and boy, do we initiate Vinnie into some serious Western New York coming of age traditions. That's right, he finally had his first Genny Cream Ale. It's an interesting taste test for sure. Walden joins in on the fun. Now, they're ready to storm Area 51. Vinnie tells us that DQ is a Texas staple and Walden is impressed with the Slurpee Baby. Meanwhile, there are some angry meth gators and angrier little men buying bagels. NSFW.

This week's Website of the Week is very close to us as it deals with a school friend of Craig and Rich. The link is to the GoFundMe page for Curt Bobzien. Please take some time, make a donation. Send him well wishes. Curt's Courageous Cause

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Book Reviews Reloaded: Somebody I Used to Know

This article first appeared on East Niagara Post on September 29, 2015. It is repeated here as I work to put all my book reviews in one place. They will be posted on Thursdays or Fridays and only be altered from the original in that I will add publisher information and pages. Hopefully, by revisiting these reviews, other people might find a book they'd like to pick up for their own enjoyment.

Somebody I Used to Know - David Bell
Berkley Publishing
484 Pages

Several months ago I wrote a review for a book by David Bell, The Forgotten Girl. I thought it was a very well written book that was a gripping read. So, when I discovered that Bell was releasing a new book over the summer, I made plans to read that book and give another review. The books are that good.  I read his newest output, Somebody I Used to Know, in a single day while on a road trip to Virginia. The pages passed as quickly as the miles.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Dads Must Be Crazy Ep. 9: Pop Culture Father Figures

We start off this week by making a little fun of Craig with his new blood pressure medications. But it's fair play when Howie, who is the youngest, tells us he's been on them for several years. Then we move into the meat of the episode. Who are some of the fathers from television shows from our youth and from today who made great father figures? Who had messages to help their children become better people? We revisit some of our favorite shows from our youth as we ponder the subject.