Monday, March 25, 2019

Howie Balaban: Looking for the Write Stuff Vol. 2

This past week has marked a few nice things. For instance, the countdown to real baseball for every team in the majors is down to days, not weeks. And as the saying goes in ballparks and fandoms across America, "hope springs eternal." Oh, speaking of spring, that officially arrived this week, too, although you wouldn't know it from walking outside.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Shenanigans Episode 72: Young Danny Trejo & the MySpace Herpes

We're back at it this week with more NSFW antics. We had the best of intentions to be on our best behavior, but that didn't last through the intros. It looks like the Marines were trying to do their part to help with the USC scandal, and imaginary friends are causing problems all over the place. MySpace accidentally deleted everything and no one noticed. Meanwhile, we learn of the futility of arguing with a 7-year-old.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Book Reviews Reloaded: The Room

This article first appeared on East Niagara Post on May 26, 2015. It is repeated here as I work to put all my book reviews in one place. They will be posted on Thursdays or Fridays and only be altered from the original in that I will add publisher information and pages. Hopefully, by revisiting these reviews, other people might find a book they'd like to pick up for their own enjoyment.

The Room -- Jonas Karlsson
Hogarth Publishing
192 Pages

Have you ever picked up a book thinking it sounded very interesting only to question what you just read after you finished? The Room by Jonas Karlsson sells itself as a funny and clever book about a man who discovers a secret room at work that only he can see. Right off the bat, I figured this to be a book that I would love to read. It could have mystery, intrigue, and symbolism to keep me engaged. At the end, I was left scratching my head just a little.