Sunday, January 1, 2017

REMINISCING: New Year Resolutions

Welcome to 2017. If you’re a celebrity, you’re probably breathing a big sigh of relief that 2016 is over. Meanwhile the rest of us are ready to take on a whole new year. With each new year comes a rash of new year’s resolutions that none of us ever really fulfill. We do our best and we go in with the best intentions. New Year’s is also the time we take a look at all our traditions.

The Bacon household has a New Year’s Day tradition that began back in 2008 when the Buffalo Sabres hosted the Pittsburgh Penguins in the first Winter Classic at Ralph Wilson Stadium. We assemble as a family, complete with homemade treats, and watch the NHL game during the afternoon. We haven’t had a horse in the race since the Buffalo game, but we still spend the time together to watch hockey.

Of course, this year the NHL has decided to not try to face off against the beast that is the NFL, and is going to play the game on Monday instead of Sunday. I guess that will give us an extra day of family time. Instead, Wendy and I have been watching the girls play Just Dance 2017. If you’ve seen my Facebook page in the last 15 hours or so, you can see what happens when I do a dance off against the neighbors and the girls. I’ve got mad skills.

There’s another thing that seems to make it to everyone’s resolution lists. Exercise and eating better. That is definitely on my list. I’ve had a terrible year when it comes to that. For the most part, I like to exercise and keep in shape. 2016 was a bad year for that, but over the last eight years, I’ve done a very good job at it. 2017 will be different.

Considering that the year starts on a Sunday works exceptionally well for me. My OCD kicks in and I must start working out on the first of the month that lands on a Sunday. The fact that the whole year starts on a Sunday is a HUGE bonus for me. So, tonight, I will be restarting Beachbody’s P90X for the 9th or 10th time. Each time I’ve done the program, I’ve gotten great results. Here’s to those same results in 2017.

The workout is only a small part of the equation. The great majority rests in eating right rather than the weights and moves. And that’s where most of my problems are. I have an infatuation with Dr. Pepper. I’ve gone through quitting drinking soda several times. The last time I was serious, I did it for nearly a year. I drank lots of water instead. I’ve got to tell you that quitting Dr. Pepper is the hardest part of the exercise and diet regimen. I know I can do. I’ve done it before. The first step is to cut down on the amount I’m drinking. That alone, without any exercise will help drop weight.

Fried foods, especially chicken fingers, can be the bane of any workout out. I love them, and the hotter the better. I know I shouldn’t eat them, and they make me feel like crap after I have, but sometimes the cravings win. The same goes for chocolate marshmallow ice cream. I’ll do my best, but when they deliver the ice cream right to the house, it is sometimes hard. However, during any workout program, I do add in a cheat day or two. You’re working hard, and you deserve to enjoy yourself occasionally. Just don’t do it too much.

Writing more is always high on my list, too. There are projects that I need to finalize and a couple that need to move beyond the outline or idea stage. Writing something every day is a valiant goal, but it is not as easy as you think. It takes a lot of dedication and perseverance. I am going to try to follow a schedule and dedicate certain times to just writing. I need to eliminate the distractions. And they’re all easy distractions when the intimidating presence of the blank sheet is staring you in the face. I will be victorious!

Part of all that I’ve resolved for myself for 2017 will require much better time management. I am horrible at it, preferring to just float along without much in the way of planning. If I managed my time better, I would probably get more done. With that in mind, I will be attempting to do more in the same amount of time. That means no more just sitting around goofing off on the internet, or binge-watching some television show.

2017 promises to be full of great adventures. I hope I am able to stick to my plans for more than the typical 10 days that most people stick to their new plans. Keep an eye out here on the Cooler for my progress. Maybe having you all keeping me at it will mean a more successful Craig for the new year. I’ll be here lending you all the support I can for you in your endeavors. Happy New Year, everyone!

Craig Bacon is going to spend some time this afternoon trying out some meditative stretching. It’s more exciting than watching the Bills.