Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Literally the Best Reviews: Guy Novel

Guy Novel - Michael Ryan
Permanent Press
263 Pages

Sometimes it feels like I’ve been writing book reviews forever. Other times it feels like just yesterday that I started. But here it is -- this is my 100th book review. Some of you have been here for each and every one. Thank you. Others may pop in and out as a book cover grabs your interest. Thank you, too. Here’s to the next 100.

Guy Novel by Michael Ryan is a novel that neatly depicts most of our guy fantasies. Basically, this novel that we all dream of every night when we go to bed. It has hot women (who are way out of our leagues), fast cars, spying, danger, and ninjas. Okay, maybe no ninjas, but I’m sure you catch what I’m trying to say. By the way, did I tell you this is set in 1996?

Robert Wilder is a stand-up comedian on his way to his own wedding when he finds himself under the wiles of another woman. When he offers to give her a ride home, he ends up leaving Doris to wait alone at the altar. Instead, he spends the rainy afternoon with Sabine in a house overlooking the ocean that may not be hers. The name she gave him might not be her own, either.

When he realizes that he’s too late to make it to the wedding, and realizes that maybe it’s not what he really wanted, he instead takes his new flame with him to his mexican honeymoon reservations. After Sabine disappears while he was sleeping in the hotel room, Wilder returns to Southern California. He knows when he arrives, he’ll have a lot to answer for.

Instead of settling back into his typical life, although without his fiance, he finds himself in the midst of cosmic confusion. The aftereffects of his one-night stand have dominated his thinking to the point of obsession. What happens next sends him on a dizzying adventure to the White House and around the world on private jets as part of a spy ring. In the end, does he get the girl? You’ll have to read to find out.

This novel isn’t going to be hailed at the next “Great American Novel” but it sure is fun. It is written in a quirky, fast-paced style that seems more dream-like than straight narrative. The story is not overly deep. It is simply a fun novel that lives out some of our greatest dreams. Who wouldn’t want extraordinarily attractive women who can’t live without you, or save the world on a spy mission? The title is this book is very fitting.

Guy Novel is Michael Ryan’s first novel, although he has written a book of essays, a memoir, and five books of poetry. He obviously has some great writing credentials.  With this story he simply puts on paper everything most of us men daydream about between burgers and beers. And sometimes while having the burgers and beer.

If you’re looking for a quick, weekend read that will be a lot of fun, Guy Novel by Michael Ryan is just the book for you. It will not take you long to read, and you will enjoy every minute of it, especially the psycho neighbor chick who keeps popping up. It’s everything we could ask for in a story.

Craig Bacon has a ninja outfit, a fast car, a paintball gun, and a hot wife. He IS living the dream.