Monday, May 9, 2016

Looking At Movies (First Run): Captain America: Civil War

Disclaimer: This review deals with the content of this movie. This is in no way an endorsement of the Marvel or Disney Corporations. The tactics used by the Disney Corporation on movie theaters around the world are ruining the theater industry. For the love of movies, I will still review Disney's movies. I hope the mouse chokes on its own greed some day.

The long-awaited new Captain America movie has finally been unleashed, and it is good. Before we get started, let's just cut through the red tape and call this what it is - an Avengers movie. The idea that this is a movie starring Captain America is kind of crazy when Iron Man gets just as much screen time as Captain America. And yes, I will be referring to the characters by their names and not by the actors who play them.

One of the things Captain America: Civil War has done is revealed to me why Marvel movies are so much better than D.C. films. The problem with D.C. is that it takes its characters and stories way too seriously. Marvel has mastered the art of making a very entertaining superhero movie that includes both a serious tone and a ton of very good humor. This movie is funny, amazing, entertaining, and awesome all at the same time.

The character that really stands out to me from Civil War is the Black Panther. I know just enough about the Black Panther to be interested in seeing how Marvel presents him in a film. I love the Black Panther character in this movie. He is exactly as he is in the comics, and his presentation in this movie visually looks great. Once again, Marvel does it right.

This movie is a loooong one timing in at 146 minutes. But unlike other Marvel epics that fill every second with something entertaining, this movie does tend to drag in spots. I would imagine that directors Joe and Anthony Russo slow the movie down for effect at certain points, but I don't think slowing the film down was necessary. We expect Marvel movies to kick us in the head continuously, and this one does not.

Spider-Man finally gets brought into the Avengers universe and I really don't like this representation of Spider-Man. To me, Peter Parker is too young in this movie and the character of Spider-Man is too naive. Peter Parker is still in high school in this film, and that just does not seem right to me. I am also not very sold on the look of Peter Parker either. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of a rugged looking actor playing the part as well. It just seemed to me that Marvel had a chance to give us a Spider-Man to get excited about, and they missed the mark.

Marisa Tomei also does not work for me as Aunt May. Call me a traditionalist, but Aunt May is supposed to be a kindly old lady who loves Peter Parker unconditionally. To have Aunt May be, as Tony Stark puts it, surprisingly hot just does not work for me. Some things should be left as they are, and making Aunt May a hot looking chick is simply not part of the Spider-Man story.

If you want to understand what is going on in this movie, then you better pay close attention to everything. Another suggestion would be to watch the last two or three Avenger universe movies before you go to this one to make sure that you are not confused by some of the references in this movie. I felt a little left behind with this film, and that is my fault. So I figured I would give the heads up.

I am not big for giving spoilers, so I will try to not reveal too much as I wrap up this review. It definitely looks like Marvel wants the idea of the Avengers universe to be contained within this series of films. In other words, we saw the Avengers get started in this series of movies, and it looks like we will see the Avengers come to an end as well. A lot of the plot devices in this movie are pretty shocking and, as my wife and I said to each other today (12 hours after seeing the movie), the movie still feels like a surreal experience.

As with all Marvel movies, this one is entertaining and fun. But Marvel is really starting to turn up the serious tone in these Avenger movies as it looks like the series is preparing to wind down. If you do see this movie, please see it at your local drive-in. Disney is doing everything it can to take your drive-ins away from you, and the only way you can fight back is to patronize your drive-ins as much as you can.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5

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