Saturday, May 25, 2024

Shenanigans Episode 334: Are There More Kyles in Poundtown?

In this week's Shenanigans podcast, we are down to a trio, but it's still a good time. It's spring, so that means cleaning. And Craig has been cleaning, which somehow shifts to pyramid schemes. Have any of you fallen for one (or more) of those, or tried to trick your friends into joining one? Who pays for dinner when you ask friends to join you? It's a tricky slope with lots of variables. Allyn went to a bar mitzvah over the weekend. He regales us with stories as a Catholic hanging with rabbis. As always, this podcast should be listen only with caution in public and at work. We are adult humor.

Cast: Craig, Walden, Allyn

Running Time: 59 minutes

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