Saturday, January 20, 2024

Shenanigans Episode 316: He's Degenerated Into Moderate Marnier

In this week's Shenanigans episode, we have a full house. A couple of new guys show up to regale us with their life stories. Well, maybe not. Craig went to the Bills game, which was something he hadn't done in over twenty years. There was quite a bit of talk about the NFL, especially the Packers game after Vinnie arrived late. Speaking of late arrivals, we had to do some on the fly adjustments for the show. And then it's chaos and mayhem for the rest of night. Allyn needed some help with his words from the Word of the Day calendar.  This one really goes long, but there's not a slow moment in it. As always, this podcast should be listen only with caution in public and at work. We are adult humor.

Cast: Craig, Rich, Walden, Allyn, Vinnie, Mat, Kyle, Lazlo

Running Time: 122 minutes

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