Saturday, September 30, 2023

Shenanigans Episode 302: I Think You Should Leave

In this week's Shenanigans podcast, it's the podcast's birthday! That's right, the night we recorded was the 6th anniversary of the recording of Episode 1. Someone mentioned Ron Perlman in drag from some movie. And nerds unite! Nerds make the best husbands. We're thinking up ways to help the podcast make money. We think Vinnie should adopt Gronk so he can finally get that insurance that he wants so badly. And then he'd have to come on the show. Rich found the Lazy Olympics. He was going to book a flight, but he never did it. As always, this podcast should be listen only with caution in public and at work. We are adult humor.

Cast: Craig, Rich, Walden, Allyn, Mat

Running Time: 70 Minutes

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