Saturday, August 19, 2023

Shenanigans Episode 296: The Best of Shenanigans Vol 17

This week's Shenanigans podcast is a "Best of" after some technical difficulties prevented the regularly schedule mayhem to record properly. We dive back into 2018 for some of these gems. McDonalds has been honored by having a new funtime position named after the fast food establishment, although fast isn't always good. Who wants a tricked out Segway with ammunition? Remember the Babizzle? Well we have one to top that. Everyone loves baked beans, right? This Week in Adult Dolls goes off the rails, and weird names are popping up on ballots. As always, we are #NSFW.

Cast: Craig, George, Rich, Walden, Howie, Vinnie, Charlie

Running Time: 50 Minutes

Logos designed by Amanda Hodge