Saturday, October 22, 2022

Shenanigans Episode 254: He Googled All Over Her Facebook

In this week's Shenanigans podcast, we start off the show with apple cider vinegar gummies, much to Allyn's delight. The rest of us? Not so much, although Walden mixed his with Genny Cream Ale. There was a lot of NFL talk this week after the Bills' big win and another Packers loss to a team from New Jersey. We already knew this, but Gen Xers are cooler than the Boomers and the Millennials combined. There we said it. We talk about elementary school shenanigans, intercom hijinks, and buying smokes as a kid. As always, we are #NSFW. Very #NSFW this week.

Cast: Craig, Rich, Walden, Allyn, Mat, Jay

Running Time: 80 Minutes

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