Saturday, March 28, 2020

Niagara's Watercooler March Gaming Madness Round 3

We are onto Round 3 of The Dads Must Be Crazy March Gaming Madness Tournament. How have your favorite games fared?

Euchre continues to upset higher seeds as it marches into the Sweet Sixteen, taking out both Checkers and Go Fish. Part of that could be an unfortunate seeding by our Gaming Commissioner.

It came down to a tie-breaking vote for a pair of unlikely candidates, Mastermind and LCR, with Mastermind coming out on top.

Competition will tighten up as be tackle the sixteen games left and try to whittle it down to eight. There are a lot of good games left on the board, and a lot of favorites for most people. The choices will be tough. Will your favorite game make the cut?

If you're on Twitter, you can vote at If you're not part of the Twitter-verse, send us an email with your selections to

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