Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Niagara's Watercooler March Gaming Round 2

Our Inaugural Niagara’s Watercooler Bracket Vote has concluded accepting votes for the games in our first round, and like in the dearly missed big basketball tournament, there were indeed a few noteworthy upsets!

To recap, our regions were Rainy Day, Nostalgia, Game Night, and Classics, Cards, and Dice. Each region’s respective top seed - Monopoly, Candyland, The Game of Life, Chess - has advanced. And three no. 2 seeds advanced as well.

That’s right, one of our second-seeded games was knocked out in Round One. The game? Checkers! In a contest that was ultimately decided via NWC super secret tie breaking methods, Euchre eliminated Checkers in the opening round in the Classics, Cards, and Dice Region.

All four third-seeded games advanced, but only three of the fourth-seeded games moved on. The 13th seed in the Nostalgia Region - Operation - managed to knock off Trouble. 

Moving on to the Round of 32, our Twitter Polls will be up today, with voting lasting until March 27. As of now, barring unforeseen circumstances, we anticipate crowning the best game some time on April 6, although that is tentative.

To vote for your favorite games, go to where a poll has been set up for each matchup. Voting for the second round is up now. Stay tuned to the Twitter page as well as the website to keep track of your favorite game(s). You can also vote by sending your choices to

Have fun with it!