Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Literally the Best Reviews: Closer Than You Think

Closer Than You Think - Lee Maguire
307 Pages

Occasionally I get emails from publishers about whether I’d like one of their new books to review. It doesn’t happen enough, but when it does, I generally take them up on the offer. The book I’m reviewing today is Closer Than You Think by Lee Maguire, and I was offered this book to read in exchange for a review for them. Regardless of the origin of the book, I always strive to give my most honest review.

Bryce Davison’s life is a mess. His marriage is falling apart and he second guesses his action regarding his patients after one of them committed suicide. As a psychologist, he speaks to a lot of troubled people looking for help. Sometimes, it gets under his skin and he’s the one in need of help. Throughout this book, Davison struggles to maintain his sanity as mundane events are compounded by the reality of a stalker closing in on him.

While his personal life crumbles around him, his professional life suffers through the concerted efforts of a stalker bent on ruining his reputation among his peers and patients. Paranoia sets in as messages seemingly coming from him find their ways to friends, family, and colleagues. Against mounting odds, Davison must persevere to set the record straight and discover why his stalker is so intent upon destroying his life.

As I was reading this book, I found the pages flipping quicker and quicker and my heart beating harder and harder. Maguire writes at such a pace that each impending piece of the puzzle rushes at the reader just as it rushed at Davison. There were times when I thought I had the mystery solved, only to be stymied by the author. Even close to the end, I did not see the whole picture. Once I had it, I flashed back to some intriguing clues that seemed entirely innocuous at the time.

Lee Maguire is a first time author, but had a career as a psychotherapist. He took the clinical side of his occupation and wove a tale of suspense around something he knows very well. This intimate side of his business was crafted very well into the storyline of the novel. It gave it an extra realism that made the premise that much more frightening. Adding the suspense around this very solid base made for an excellent thriller that kept me reading until I finished, all in one sitting.

Maguire’s book reminded me a great deal of the Zoe Goldman series by Sandra Block. The writing is just as smooth and engaging in both series. I thoroughly enjoy the books by Block, and Maguire’s Bryce Davison is already a favorite character. I cannot wait to see where Maguire goes from here with this Broken Minds thriller series.

Closer Than You Think is one of those great summer books that you’ll love to read next to the pool, or anywhere for that matter. You won’t want to put it down. Meanwhile, I eagerly await the next Lee Maguire Broken Minds thriller. I’ll see you soon, Dr. Davison.

Craig Bacon likes books that make you think and keep you guessing.