Friday, January 11, 2019

Shenanigans Episode 62: The Toothless Sarlacc in the Devil's Junk Drawer

Shenanigans welcomes 2019 with some new looks and a new sound. Never fear -- we've kept the content the same. We have a new logo, with more visual changes coming. Thanks to Amanda Hodge for designing the new logo. This week, we try out a new game that the Bacon Bits got for Christmas. Does it pass the sniff test? Since we just survived New Year's, what are some hangover cures and do they really work? Millennials seem to hate everything, and we're sure this podcast is no different. And did Grover really swear? One of us can't hear it.
Cast: Craig, Howie, Rich, Walden, Vinnie
Running Time: 84 minutes