Friday, October 19, 2018

Shenanigans Episode 50: Can Someone Here Speak Moose, Eh?

Holy cow! We made it to 50 episodes. Be prepared: This is a long one, over 2 hours long. But worth it. We talk about parental torture devices. You remember those things. We learned that spending too much time on the toilet may cause serious injury to your backside, so be very careful. Vinnie has a lexicon, and a fancy one at that. Kansans seem to have a special affinity for their cars and they really love pumping iron. Halloween is off-limits for anyone over the age of 12 in some Virginia towns. You might actually spend time in jail for breaking that law. Texas has beer for dogs and the Buffalo Bills were asked to be pallbearers at a funeral. Craig regales the group with some zaniness that happened at Wendy's Restaurant. And what album changed your life? Rich and Walden have the best choice for that little nugget.

Cast: Craig, Rich, Walden, and Vinnie

Running Time: 136 minutes