Saturday, September 22, 2018

Shenanigans Episode 46: The Best Use of Three, 1-Cent Stamps Ever

Guess what?!? George is back! So is Charlie, although to be fair, he was actually here every week. We just didn't turn on his mic. There's a new newspaper in Missouri that will begin publication in October called The Uranus Examiner. Shenanigans may get a subscription. As if Segways weren't already cool enough, now they have a new option available: You get get guns on your Segway. Think of the talent you'll need to not knock yourself over with the recoil. The group is infatuated with terrible Italian accents this week. And a man in New Zealand get his ass kicked by monkeys after he tried to spank one.

Cast: Craig, George, Rich, Charlie, Walden, Vinnie
Running Time: 88 Minutes