Friday, August 31, 2018

Shenanigans Episode 43: The Ghost of Vinnie Bobarino

I have no idea what happened to Vinnie's microphone, but he's next to impossible to hear. On the plus side, he doesn't talk too much this episode. This week, Howie brought us Banana Girl who insists she's living the dream by not showering, not shaving, not wearing clothes, and not eating anything other than...bananas. The debate between boxers and briefs rages on, although I think we can all agree that air conditioned underwear may be the wave of the future. If you're having trouble getting pregnant, maybe you're doing it wrong. Don't follow the example of a Chinese couple who had been doing it incorrectly for four years. Meanwhile, France is experimenting with public, outdoor urinals that will later be used for compost. Speaking of compost, apparently baby poop has highly beneficial health aspects that scientists think we could mine it for probiotics.

Cast: Craig, Howie, Rich, Walden, and Ghostly Vinnie Bobarino

Running Time: 62 minutes