Saturday, August 25, 2018

Shenanigans Episode 42: The Great Foof Fiasco

Where do we start with this one? We had an outline, we assure you of that. However, we never really got into that groove. This one is a bit top heavy with all the funny stuff happening in bunches. If you trim your bush into the shape of a woman, should you expect drunken revelers to have their ways with it? And Gwyneth Paltrow? What can we say about her? Apparently a lot. Most of it is not good----and none of it is safe for work. Do you remember some old commercials from when you were a kid? We rattle off a few. The kids today have no idea with Netflix, Hulu, etc, what commercials even are. And what's going on at Area 51? I guess we'll just have to ask George.

Cast: Craig, Howie, Rich, Walden, Vinnie

Running Time: 80 Minutes