Friday, July 6, 2018

Shenanigans Episode 35: This Mystery Meat Won't Ring Your Taco Bell

Oh, boy. This week we really put our foot in our mouths. Literally. Or figuratively...or...damn you Merriam-Webster!! Our free advice for the week is "If your friend offers you a mystery meat taco, just politely decline." As Supreme Emperor, Kim Jong Un brings a golden throne with him wherever he goes so he can save his poop. What happens when you trip, fall, and get your head stuck in a tailpipe? It gives a whole new meaning to "She Thinks My Truck is Sexy." Rich made some noise that made Walden and Craig jump and wonder what they broke. We guess he was excited over the Sexiest Cow Contest in Britain. He wonders how he missed it a few months ago when he was there. Maybe it's time for another European vacation?

Cast: Craig, Rich, and Walden

Running Time: 70 minutes