Sunday, July 22, 2018

Shenanigans Episode 37: Finally, Here's That Missing 18 Minutes

The lateness of this episode is all Craig's fault. He forgot. He couldn't find. He made some empty promises to Rich. But after searching, he's found this week's episode. We start off with Craig explaining to us how he entertained himself at the doctor's office while waiting for an MRI. Howie tries to tell us the difference between a "Schlemiel" and a "Schlimazel." Now that stores are no longer accepting moist boob money, where can you keep your cash when you're wearing those fashionable Speedos? A man stole a firetruck from an active fire scene and took his girlfriend for a 100-mile joy ride. We also ask Howie more questions about Judaism, which of course, he cannot answer.

Cast: Craig, Rich, Howie, Walden

Running Time: 100 Minutes