Friday, May 11, 2018

Shenanigans Episode 28: The Saga of the Broken Crankshaft

Do your kids make adorable drawings, but they're just filling up all sides of your fridge Why not get them tattooed permanently on your body? Speaking of your kids, do they get an allowance, and how much do they get a month? A girl in Beverly Hills says her monthly allowance of $1000 makes her feel like a peasant. Apparently, when you indulge your children like that, they grow up to be 37 year old "adults" who destroy cars because they remind him of what him of bullies from two decades prior. Finally, something great from the world of science. We will soon be able to shoot lasers from our eyes. Frickin' lasers!! Flat Earthers are at it again with new hypotheses. Then Rich finds the greatest article ever, and we are grateful he was slightly bored for this episode. Wait until you hear it.
Cast: Craig, Rich, Walden

Running Time: Approximately 120 minutes