Thursday, April 19, 2018

Shenanigans Episode 25: Attack of the Vibrating Pigeon Drones

This week, I wasn't sure how the show went. After I listened to it again, it was pretty darn funny, even if the end of the world is scheduled to start around the time we record Episode 26. At least that is the revised date from the revised date from the revised date. And which version of the Bible are they using to determine the end of the world? Is it the Bibizzle? We can only hope. Police in Argentina claim that mice ate 1,200 pounds of seized marijuana........sure....In our Public Service Announcement of the Week, we implore you adults to be more careful when playing with your toys. What exactly is the average airspeed velocity of a full bag of cocaine? Squirrels need our love, too, and we learn that pepperoni and seagulls don't mix.

Cast: Craig, Rich, David

Running Time: 84 minutes