Friday, April 13, 2018

Shenanigans Episode 24: Time Traveling With Sexy Gronk

This week, the boys start off with a little seriousness as they talk a little about the Humboldt tragedy. But, they quickly move on to the rapid influx of time travelers in the news lately, and they debate whether time travel is even possible. Rich is a nonbeliever in time travel, while Howie and Craig do believe. A man caught having an affair tries to pass off the woman he's cheating with as a sex robot, and she plays along! And for the Amazon Product of the Day, Gronk erotica. No, you read that right. Someone wrote Gronk erotica. The reviews are hilarious, maybe even funnier than the idea that someone wrote Gronk erotica.

Cast: Craig, Rich, and Howie

Running Time: 93 minutes