Thursday, April 5, 2018

Shenanigans Episode 23: Leading the Fist Bump Revolution

This week, Craig and Howie talk about Ready Player One. Don't worry - there are no spoilers. Gronk makes yet another surprise visit, this time dressed as the Trojan Horse. Have you heard about the THC lube? It will get things higher. Meanwhile, Brett demonstrates what an electric NASCAR race would sound like. Just in case you weren't entirely certain, the French are rude and will even sue to prove it. Matt has decided that he can no longer shake anyone's hand. Instead, he will be leading the Fist Bump Revolution. New Zealand is still looking for those elusive Russian spies so they can deport them. Either those spies are really good at their jobs, or the Russians couldn't care less about the Kiwis.

Cast: Craig, Howie, Charlie, Brett, and Matt

 Approximate Running Time: 82 minutes