Thursday, March 29, 2018

Shenanigans Episode 22: We've Got Some Potholes For Sale...Cheap!

This week's episode is all over the place. We go from deer semen being used to fund Texas political campaigns to a Nigerian Email Prince having his penis stolen during a robbery. Our Flat Earther friend, Mike Hughes, finally blasted off, achieving the wild altitude of 1875 feet. He was only 328,000 feet short of his goal, but he considered it a success. What if we could vaporize our poop like they do on the Starship Enterprise? No matter how old you are, farts are funny. Some guy convinced a woman that he had been poisoned and needed to have sex with her in order to save himself from certain death...and she initially agreed. No really. She did. A guy in Chicago is a marketing genius. He's selling ownership shares in potholes around the Windy City. Gronkie Monster is once again an unnannounced guest for this episode. We love Gronk. We really do. We hope someday he'll come on the show. He'll probably beat up Craig, but he probably deserves it.

Cast: Craig, Rich, Charlie
Running Time: Approximately 97 minutes