Thursday, March 15, 2018

Shenanigans Episode 20: I'll Bet You $20 Rhode Island Won't Approve of This

This week, Howie's daughter tells Craig he's full of shit. For real. Who remembers the Thundercats? We can't believe it's over 30 years old. Rhode Island now wants to block websites in your own home unless you pay them $20 for the privilege. If you live anywhere on the Planet Earth, watch out for falling, Chinese space stations. Apparently they're not as space-worthy as advertised on Amazon. If you're not yet prepared for the Apocalypse, Costco can help. And if you're an extreme couponer like Rich, you can save even more money that you won't be able to use after the world ends. Why do we wear pants, and should we ever wear courdoroy?? Some conspriacy theories about our favorite movies comes up. Are Danny and Sandy actually dead, and the Grease movie is the dying vision of a teenager? Yabba-dabba, friend.

Cast: Craig, Rich, Howie, Charlie's Ghost of Christmas Future

Running Time: Approximately 99 minutes.