Thursday, March 8, 2018

Shenanigans Episode 19: Is This a Family Reunion or a Speed Dating Site?

The boys are back. We talk about the world's largest family tree. It has 13 million people and tells us when cousins stopped having sex with each other. Mailmen in Florida don't want to deliver packages to a nudist colony, mostly because of the packages. Rich and Howie go off the Shenanigans rail by talking about serious things. Fortunately, we get back to the normal programming. Why is breastfeeding so taboo, but we have no issue with low-cut shirts? Have we had enough of crazy people on airplanes? When is it okay to strip on a flight? Can I bring my emotional support beer(s)? All Howie can say is that Chinese condoms make him feel better about himself. Also, if you're diving in Minnesota lakes, watch out for Jason Voorhees.

Cast: Rich, Howie, Craig

Running Time: Approximately 110 minutes