Friday, March 2, 2018

Shenanigans Episode 18: I Am the Great Cornholio

This week marks the triumphant return of George to the Shenanigans party. After discussing the driving situation in Lockport and deadline day in the NHL for the Buffalo Sabres, we get onto the subject of the Corn Hole game. We wondered who came up with that name for Bean Bag Toss, and it was the running theme for the rest of the show. Did you know that China has strippers at its funerals and that the government of China is trying to stop it? And the guy with the world's largest "manhood" is on the lookout for a new career. Now we're trying to find out who the official exorcist is for the Diocese of Buffalo.

Cast: Craig, George, Howie, Rich, and Charlie

Running Time: Approximately 97 minutes.