Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Niagara Watercooler's Lockport, NY Facebook Page

It occurred to us recently that we have never actually taken the time to let everyone know about our Lockport, NY Facebook page, and what the page is for.

You will find the page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/165838200113286/  .

In order to join the page, you must have some connection to Lockport, That would include:

  • Currently living in Lockport
  • Lived in Lockport in the past
  • Born in Lockport
  • Went to school in Lockport
  • Working or worked in Lockport
If we cannot see your association to Lockport, then we cannot approve your request to join. We like to emphasize this because we have people requesting to join but not sharing any information that shows us how you are connected to Lockport. Honestly, our membership would be in the thousands right now if we approved every request. But it isn't because we have rules we like to stick to.

The page is designed to be a place where people can swap memories about Lockport, promote community events, and talk about new goings on within the city. 

The page is not for:

  • Discussions on national politics
  • Recruiting new employees
  • Advertising your business
  • Complaining about the city's lack of response or dedication to something
  • Complaining about the guy next door to you
  • Asking for details about the noise you heard during the night
There are plenty of other Lockport pages where you can get that information or start conversations like that. We like to stick to Lockport-centric conversations involving the community, the past, and the future.

If you want to come join us, then we invite you to! If you break our rules once, we will delete your post. If you break our rules a second time, we will delete your post and ban you from the site. We are serious about our Lockport page being a calm place for fun conversation and information on important events.

Craig and George