Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I Can Make It ... Of Course I Can

Every year the Buffalo Bills let us down like an unreliable prom date, and every year it still feels like Sundays without football is like torture. Yes, I know. Football players and the NFL are:

  • Whiny millionaires and billionaires
  • Thugs
  • Self-entitled people
  • Arrogant
You can add in your own stereotype there if you want, but I would always fight people by saying that not every NFL player is like that. The majority of owners have shown themselves to be money grubbing liars, but not every owner. Most...pretty much all of them.

But as I kicked around the house last Sunday, I started to get the shakes and cold sweats. Watching NFL game replays on the NFL Network was no help at all. I already knew what was going to happen in those games. How could that be of any help?

But you know what? I can make it. Of course I can make it. I have a busy career in writing, a band that takes up much of my free time, and a loving family. I mean, it is just Sundays, right? There is plenty to do around the house to keep me busy.

For instance, I can finish remodeling my office and build that little studio I want to build. (I wonder what the Bills are going to do with Tyrod Taylor?)

My wife wants to start moving some things around in the babies' room and making some changes in there. The babies are important, so that stuff has to get done. (Please tell me that we are not signing Tony Romo. We can do better than that, can't we?)

I have at least two book projects I need to work on, plus I am constantly in need of building up my commercial writing career to keep it buoyant until my other work starts kicking in. (Are we really going to give Gilmore top DB money? He's not worth that. We could do better in free agency or even in the draft than Gilmore. Let him walk!)

The band is just starting up and I have a ton of songs to learn and marketing things to do. No time to waste there. We have shows coming up and things to do. (I cannot decide if I like the McDermott hiring or not. I do like Leslie Frazier coming in to help out on the staff. But why did McDermott keep the conditioning coach? Injuries killed us last year.)

So...see! Plenty to do on Sundays while I wait for (Hey, I wonder how Jordy Nelson is doing?) the football combine and training camp to open in July and August. Plenty of projects (It sucks to have to admit that Tom Brady is one of the greatest of all-time!) and plenty of ways I can spend my Sundays (I wonder if we can get Chris Hogan back?) from now until football starts up again. Nothing but free time for me to spend with my projects (I wonder how ESPN's coverage will change with Berman gone next season?) and my loving family (Just one playoff run before I am gone! Just one!).

David Gilmour help me.

George N Root III is a Lockport resident and addicted to football. You can follow him on Twitter @georgenroot3, or send him a message at Thank David Gilmour that the Sabres have some Sunday games coming up.