Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Former Watercooler Contributor Releases Original Music With Band

Derick Sears, former contributor to Niagara’s Watercooler, has released a series of original music as a member of a college band, Steve Buscemi. The band released six songs on their Soundcloud page on Monday, January 9th.

The musicians are, Jacob Sandler (piano, vocals, lyrics); Derick Sears (rhythm and lead guitar, lyrics); Tanner McMullen (bass); John Ziegler (drums); Marcus Roper (guitar); Anthony Urena (piano); Matthew Cohen (saxophone); and Corey Talford (trumpet).

According to Sears, “There's a few doubles because we had a talented group of friends, so i didn't take every solo, and Jake didn't play every piano part. We wanted to spread it out amongst friends who were willing to do it. I didn't label any specific members, because i don't think everyone on this list would call themselves members, just contributors.”

Sandler wrote “Wise Old Bird,” “This Too Shall Pass,” and Carried Away,” while Sandler and Sears worked together to write the rest of the songs. “Late November Storm” was a Sears composition that he brought to Sandler, who helped him polish it and finish it.

“The songs string together a very loose story. Things start out very innocent with the first song, easily the poppiest of songs. Then, that girl turns out not to be the as fun, and ‘Late November Storm’ comes, the beginning of the darker side of things. “This Too Shall Pass” is about the passing of a mother. ‘Wise Old Bird’ is sort of the pep talk that tries to put you back on track, and ‘The Struggle’ is the last song and basically says, ‘try all you want, sometimes life just gets ya,’” explained Sears.

For anyone interested, you can hear all their songs at their Soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/stevebuscemi-thebandnottheactor?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook