Thursday, August 11, 2016

An Open Letter to Firefighters

An open letter to the Lockport Fire Department, the South Lockport Volunteer Fire Company, and every single firefighter from outside of Lockport who answered our call for help:

Wednesday August 10, 2016 will not go down as a banner day for the city and town of Lockport, NY. Our tire factory burned down again and a meth lab exploded on the other side of town. But when every bell went off, you answered the call. You put your lives on the line to save our homes, and you put safety to the side to try and hunt down the criminals who seem to be taking over our area.

Unfortunately, we are not the kind of community that runs from disaster. We run towards it like hordes of mindless zombies with our smartphones in front of us trying to record the event for posterity. Those of us who understand the importance of getting out of your way to do your jobs want to apologize for the mindless trolls who felt it necessary to violate your orders and do what they wanted.

When our city burned, you ran towards the fire and did everything you could to prevent loss of personal property and loss of life. From what we understand, you succeeded. Only crews of dedicated and highly trained professionals could have pulled off what you pulled off last night . . . and we thank you.

Lately, it seems like our firefighters have been in the news for all of the wrong reasons. We really don't understand why politicians and firefighters don't get along, but we know who we stand firmly behind when the chips are down.

Thank you for thinking of the families of others and doing what you were trained to do so well. Thank you for being innovative and finding ways to contain a fire that did not want to be contained. Thank you for putting up with those in our community who feel entitled to do whatever they want, even if it means harming themselves. Thank you for responding to every call for help throughout the city and town last night.

Thank you for being there when we needed you. We hope that you all were able to do your jobs and go home to your families, mostly because your primary concern were the families you were trying to protect.

We hope that we never need you again for a night like we had last night. But we all sleep a little better knowing that if we ever do have a night like that, you will be there to bail us out again.

Thank you so very much for everything you have done and everything you do on a daily basis,

Craig and George
Niagara's Watercooler