Friday, July 8, 2016

Cover Versus Original - Come Together

This week's cover versus original column is a little difficult to judge because the cover attempts, in every way, to sound exactly like the original. Aerosmith did absolutely nothing to make Come Together their own when they added the song to the Sgt. Pepper's soundtrack in 1978. So what's the point? Well, there are a few differences between the two that warrant a discussion about which one is better.

Let's kick this off with the cover for a change. Here is the studio version of Aerosmith doing Come Together that was included on the movie soundtrack for that horrible movie:

When it comes to this version, there is nothing wrong with the musicianship or the vocals. Everything here comes together (ha! get it?) to make a very entertaining song. The thing I like about this version is that there was a lot of effort put into making sure that everyone could be heard in the mix. The one thing that aggravates me about the Beatles' studio version of this song is that all you really hear is the bass guitar. I also love that Joe Perry's lead guitar is way in the background, but yet you can hear it plain as day.

Here's the Beatles doing their version of this tune:

Come Together | The Beatles from MaĆ­ra Cardoso on Vimeo.

I love this song and I love the way the Beatles perform it. The vocals here are creepy and very cool. But the mix is so muddy that it is hard for me to get into any kind of groove with the song. But where the Beatles take the cake on this song is their breakdown part where they weave together guitars and organ sounds to create something that will last forever.

Both of these versions of this song are well done, but it is hard to beat the Beatles at their own game. I give the edge to the Beatles here, but Aerosmith has nothing to be ashamed of.

Verdict: The Beatles

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