Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Word About Our Johnson!

That's right, America! Are you fed up with the choices (or lack thereof) in this year's presidential elections? Then take a long, hard look at Johnson! Gary Johnson is running under the idea that he's not Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, and that should take him all the way to the White House! And if there is one thing we need in the White House, it is a strong Johnson!

America's Johnson is experienced! America's Johnson has answers to tough questions! America's Johnson is hard...on terrorism! America's Johnson has the issues at hand, and that is why you need to give a long, hard look at America's Johnson!

Ever since Gary Johnson started to push 15 percent in national polls, I have noticed yet another political trend. This trend is different. This trend is bringing together Democrats, Republicans, and all of their supporters. It is the idea that voting for a third-party candidate is just throwing your vote away, and it couldn't be further from the truth.

For all of the high and mighty who feel that their psycho businessman or less than trustworthy former Secretary of State are the only choices, I guess I have to remind you of something. Yes, soldiers have died for our right to vote. And many people are using that fact to try and get people to stop thinking about third parties. Soldiers died for our right to vote, not our right to vote for who we are told to vote for.

If Gary Johnson seems like a good idea to you, then vote for him. The only time you throw your vote away is if you vote for someone because you feel like you have to, instead of voting for someone because you feel like you want to.

"But if you vote for Johnson, then you are assuring that Hillary or Trump will win. Is that what you really want?"

Has it ever occurred to any of you people that if I vote for Johnson then Johnson may actually win? I don't believe in the concept of a wasted vote. I also find great objection to people who insist that if I don't vote for their big party candidate then I am throwing my vote away. Why am I throwing my vote away? Because I won't do what you tell me? Last I checked, I can vote for whomever I want. And I just may grab onto America's Johnson in November!

This entire presidential election campaign has made us look like one big joke. From the circuses that have been the two conventions, to the idea that a businessman with absolutely no political experience is somehow qualified for the most significant political office in the world, we are looking like fools. Not one issue is being discussed, but yet the most significant decision we make every four years is coming up quickly.

If you are going to be grouped into a process that looks foolish, then you might as well do what you want and vote your conscience. I keep seeing social media posts imploring people to not vote for a third-party candidate. That seems to me to be the most unAmerican thing anyone can suggest.

I'll vote for who I want to vote for. And maybe, just maybe, I think it is time we stick a big Johnson in the White House and make some real changes.

George N Root III is a Lockport resident who may or may not be a Johnson supporter. Follow him on Twitter @georgenroot3, or send him a message at