Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dick Gallagher Featured in Art Exhibit

The Niagara Art Trail is pleased to present “The Aerial Artist” , an exhibit of photographs by local photographer/pilot Richard "Dick" Gallagher.  The exhibit is on display through Saturday June 25 at the Erie Canal Discovery Center, 24 Church Street, Lockport.  Come see a “Bird’s Eye View” of scenes from around Niagara County.  Many of the photos on display were selected purposely to illustrate a different perspective of familiar locations, while all were chosen for their “artistic” value.  These aerial views give an unimaginable panorama of shapes, textures, and perspective which we could never realize from the ground.

Caricature of Dick Gallagher by artist
Robert Rimmer from 2015 edition of
"History in the Mocking."
Recently retired from flying, Dick is a self taught aerial photographer with 25 plus years in the business and 64 years of flying in general.  Over his lifetime, Dick acquired a wide assortment of experiences and has an array of stories to go along with them. Although the display is a mere sampling of the vast body of work he has produced, each photo has a story (or several stories once he gets going).  His talent as a story teller and excitement about local history is evident after just a few minutes in his presence.  For that reason, we have asked Dick to spend some time greeting visitors to the exhibit to discuss the photos, the methods he has used over the years, local history, and the changes to the landscape of our area.  Dick will be on hand for two dates as follows:  Saturday, May 21 & Saturday, June 18, 10:00 AM - Noon and 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM both days.  The June date coincides with the "I Love New York, Path Through History Weekend".  For more information on that event, please visit   Admission to the exhibit is free during regular museum hours.
A younger Dick Gallagher flying under the Harrington Road
Bridge in 1955.
Over the past several years, the Niagara Art Trail has published five books of Dick's photos, all of which are available for purchase at the Discovery Center.  Framed prints of the photos on display or in the books can be ordered as well.  All proceeds from the sale of the books and prints benefit the Niagara County History Center and the Niagara Art Trail.  Dick will be happy to flip through the books and discuss any of the nearly 300 photos as well.  From Niagara Falls, to Olcott, to Pendleton, to Somerset, and of course, Lockport, we are confident there is something to interest everyone.