Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bacon to Introduce New Column

As if you already didn't get enough Bacon in your diet, he's decided to add another column to the lineup at Niagara's Watercooler. That's right, Craig Bacon will be adding "These Old Walkin' Shoes" to Thursday's columns.

What is "These Old Walkin' Shoes" all about? Well' we're glad you asked. Every morning, Craig takes a walk after the girls go to school. For an hour, he strolls the streets of Lockport, and ideas pop into his head. What a great gift it would be for our readers to share in the joy of these ideas. Some weeks, the stories may be a jumble of whatever jumps into his head while walking. Other weeks, it may be a single subject, or maybe even some local history.

Stay tuned next Thursday, June 2nd, for the debut of "These Old Walkin' Shoes."