Friday, April 1, 2016

Watercooler Partner Could Have Damaged Big Money Chances

Niagara Watercooler co-owner and co-founder George Root has issued a statement regarding the pending sale of the social website to Media Alliance of the Great Lakes Basin:

I stopped following Craig Bacon on Twitter because of his inconsideration of the privacy requested about the sale of Niagara Watercooler to the Media Alliance of the Great Lakes Basin. Media Alliance general partners Rex Taylor and Jim "The Hammer" Prescott made it clear that this arrangement was not to be made public to anyone until it was completed. Mr. Bacon has been going around to everyone he knows repeatedly saying "We're gonna be rich." Word of Bacon's betrayal got back to Taylor and Prescott and now the transaction is in jeopardy. It is inconsiderate actions like this that make it impossible for me to work with Mr. Bacon. He's a selfish jerk, and he may have ruined the best chance we had at writing for a living.

Employees of the Watercooler have noticed the tension in the air the past couple of weeks, especially when Root turned Bacon's office into a storage closet when Bacon was away on vacation. Staffers report that they are hoping the two can put their differences behind them and allow the transaction to be finalized sometime in June.

Mr. Bacon, according to Mr. Root, was unavailable for comment.

Joseph Mahmah and Terrance Darby contribute to Niagara's Watercooler.