Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spring Is In The Air!

It is springtime in Lockport, and anyone who knows Lockport knows that spring is a great time of the year to explore our outdoors! Along with all of the regular stuff we have going on around here, there are a few new things I wanted to point out to give everyone a chance to explore something different.

It looks like we get Wide Waters back this spring, and my family and I cannot wait! When the floods of a few years ago claimed the old Wide Waters as its only victim, it was a dark time in our little community. Anyone who knows and loves Lockport is familiar with Reid's and Wide Waters. They represent businesses that are truly Lockport. When we lost Wide Waters, we lost a little of our identity.

This spring, it looks like the Wide Waters building is being spiffed up and is ready to make its comeback. I could not find an exact opening date, so I invite anyone who knows when it will open for sure to put a comment on this column for all to see. It is a place that I raised my boy on, and now it looks like the grandkids will get to enjoy it as well!

The Palace Theater is alive with live productions this spring, and they are worth checking out. Craig Bacon does some great reviews of the Palace live productions here on the Watercooler, and I encourage you to read Craig's reviews and then get out to the Palace this spring. It looks like April and May have a couple of great productions for the community to enjoy.

The Penalty Box in the new Cornerstone Arena gets the chance to prove that it is not just a winter thing by opening its patio this spring. A little ambiance from the outdoors will help people to see that the Penalty Box is worth checking out on those warm spring and summer nights. The arena is also open all spring and summer long, and it looks like the arena football team is getting ready to play as well. That should be worth checking out!

The canal walkways have been spruced up, and the new paved trails are ready for bicyclists and walkers. My wife and I have already see groups of people and their pets enjoying the trail. Now that the trail is complete, it looks like a very family-friendly place to get some exercise and spend a spring afternoon.

The weather has finally broken and there is no reason for Lockport residents to hide indoors anymore. We have a lot to do in our community this spring, and it is never a bad idea to check out everything Lockport has to offer when the skies are blue and the weather is warm.

George N Root III is a Lockport resident who does venture outdoors during the spring quite often. Follow him on Twitter @georgenroot3 or send him a message at