Monday, March 21, 2016

Announcing the "Name Our Logo" Contest

Meet our official Niagara's Watercooler logo.

He's a cool dude. Craig takes him out for nights on the town, and he goes to the drive-in with George and his family. The problem is that the only thing we have been calling him to this point is "dude." So you need to help us name the little guy. We are not being sexist. We cannot help the way he was made.

So we are announcing the official "Name Our Logo" contest!
Send your entries to

The rules are:
- The subject of the email must say "Name Our Logo" contest
- One entry per email
- No one under 18 is allowed to participate. We dunno, something to do with laws. But parents can always enter their children's ideas.
- YOU WIN A $25 Visa gift card! No lie! A real gift card!
- Yes, we will be strict about these rules. If you send us an email without the proper subject, we may not read it. So be clever at your own risk.

We will run the contest until April 15th. We reserve the right to make a final decision. If we only get one entry and we don't like it, then we will pick our own name. BUT, to be fair, if we only get one entry then that person wins the $25 Visa gift card.

Please DO NOT post your ideas on social media anywhere (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Any ideas posted on social media will NOT COUNT towards the contest. This contest is based on our website and NOT on any social media site.

With your entry, you agree to give all rights to the name to Niagara's Watercooler. So keep that in mind.

So give us your best ideas. If you really think you have a good idea and you tell me or Craig over the phone or in person, then that does not count. ALL VALID ENTRIES MUST BE SENT BY EMAIL TO NIAGARASWATERCOOLER@GMAIL.COM!